Toddler Tee Pattern


200 (4oo) gr of The Potty Knitter's Recycled Yarn
6mm needles.

This pattern fits 0-1 (2-3). Larger size is in bolder brackets.
The tunic has a loose fit and is easily adjusted in length.

Moss stitch:
Row 1: knit1, purl1, repeat to end.
Row 2: knit1, purl1, repeat to end.
Repeat these 2 rows, making sure that the knit and purl stitches alternate each row. This garment is knitted in moss stitch only.

Cast on 32 (42) stitches and knit 38 (52) rows moss stitch or to desired length from hem to underarm. Mark this row.
Knit a further ♥ 26 (34) rows and cast off all stitches evenly.

Knit as back to ♥ and knit a further 21 (27) rows.
Next row: knit 13 (16), cast off 8 (10) stitches, knit remaining 13 (16) stitches.
Finish each side of neck separately:
At neck edge decrease 1 stitch at alternative rows 2 (3) times.
Knit the remaining 11 (13) stitches straight to 26 (34) rows and cast off evenly.
Work other side in the same manner.

Cast on 25 (29) stitches and knit 10 rows in moss stitch.
Increase 1 stitch at each end next row and each following 6th row until you have 29 (37) stitches.
Knit to desired length to underarm, including extra rows for fold back cuff.
Cast off evenly.

Sew up one shoulder seam and pick up approximately 30(37) stitches and knit 6 (8) rows in moss stitch. Cast off loosely.
Sew up other shoulder/neck seam.
Sew cast off edge of sleeves to the body, placing the centre of the top sleeve edge on the shoulder seam.
Sew up sleeves and side seams, leaving a small split at the hem edge of the garment (5cm), pull in ends and give garment a light press.