Starburst Circular Wrap

200gr 4ply or 400gr 8ply Brushed or Loopy Mohair
one set of 6mm double pointed needles
one 6mm circular needle 40 cm long
one 6mm circular needle 60cm long
one 10mm circular needle 100cm long
8 tear-drop beads (optional)

Design notes:
This wrap is knitted completely in the round and forms a circle. A number of stitches are rested in row 32 which are later picked up to knit the sleeves from the shoulder down using the short 6mm circular needle.

Stitch patterns:
The centre flower is knitted by following a simple chart, the rest of the circle is knitted in Garter stitch, as there are no return rows this is achieved by knitting 1 round and purling the next and the plain knit sleeves are achieved by knitting every round.

Around a yarn-ring, make 7double crochets and close round with a slip stitch, pull yarn to desired diameter.
Knit up 1 st out the back loop of each dc and the sl st and divide evenly onto the set of double pointed needles – 8 stitches.
Knit 1 round, place a marker at beg. of round.
Follow chart and knit 1 pattern-repeat from each of these 8 st - 29 rounds, making an 8-pointed star.
Only odd numbered rounds are shown, simply knit all even rows.
You should be able to place stitches on the short 6mm circular needles in round 12.
At the completion of the graph's 29 rows you should have 80stitches.
Row 30: Knit, working a yarn over each side of the top-centre stitch of each of he 8 petals, thus increasing another 16 stitches - 96 stitches. Place marker on 1st stitch.
(Refer to adjustment now, if knitting Xlarge sizes)
 Round 31: Purl
Round 32: Knit
Row 33: Purl
Row 34: Knit 12, break yarn, knit 24 with contrasting piece of waste yarn, rejoin yarn knit 24, break yarn, knit 24 with contrasting piece of waste yarn, rejoin yarn knit 12.
Row 35: Knit across all st. with main yarn.
Row 36: change to 10mm needles; purl 1, place a marker on this and every following 12th st. These markers should now be on the stitch between each increase of the circle.
Row 37: Knit, and work a yarn-over each side of the marked stitches - increasing 2 st at each marked st – 16 stitches per round.
Row 38: Purl.
Repeat rows 37 and 38 – 20 to 25times or until desired length.
Cast off very, very loosely, or use a 20mm needle, placing a teardrop bead at each point of the circle, as shown in the finishing notes.


With short 6mm circular needles pick up the loops of the rested sts below and above waste yarn (as shown) and pull out this yarn.

Join yarn and knit 1 round, picking up 2 extra stitches at each end, to avoid holes, (52 st), placing marker at beg of round, thus marking the underarm seam of the sleeve.
Knit 20 rounds,
Round 21: knit first 2 sts together and pass the last st of previous round over this st, thus decreasing 2st.
Repeat this decrease every 12th row - 6 times.
Knit to desired length (app. 20 rows), cast off.
Repeat for other sleeve, placing the underarm seam on the correct side.


The teardrop beads are placed and attached during the cast-off.
Before you cast of the stitch on each point of the circle, take the stitch of the needle, thread the bead using a beading wire, as shown, place the stitch back on the needle and continue casting off, repeating this at each point.

Sew in ends.
The open, lacy effect of the use of relatively large needles will benefit from a traditional lace finishing stretch.
This is achieved by completely wetting the garment by submerging it in water, removing the water by rolling the garment between 2 bath towels and then stretching and pinning it to shape on carpet or a large mattress, and leaving it to dry completely.
For the wrap to maintain its shape and lace-like quality, this stretch will have to be repeated after each wash.