Mock Patch Work Throw

Design notes:
This throw’s design is created by the correct use of knit and purl stitches to create the pattern. It includes 5 unique patch designs that can be used to the knitter’s liking. The original design uses all 5 in sequence but the throw would look equally good using just 1 or 2 of the patch designs.
A cosy cushion could also be created by using only 4 patches to create a square.


700-900gr of The Potty Knitter's Recycled Yarn or any 8-12ply yarn – used double.

One 8mm circular needle (easier on the wrists as the throw grows)

Should you be in a position of having a never shrinking stash of yarn, you can also use this design to use up all your left-over yarn by combining different ply yarns to create the same thickness as 2 strands of 12ply, for example, 3x8ply or a combination of 4, 8 and 12 ply to achieve a ply count between 24 and 26 – your imagination is your only limitation.

Stitch patterns:

The border of the throw and the in between edgings of each patch are worked in a single moss stitch: knit 1, purl 1 throughout, alternating the knit and purl stitches each row.
The patches are worked following the graphs: □ = knit, P = purl.
Please note: Graphs are showing the right side of the work, which means when working the wrong side, knit stitches become purl stitches and purl stitches become knit stitches.


Using the 8mm needles, cast on 97 stitches.
Work 14 rows in single moss stitch.
Row 15: work 10 stitches in moss stitch, (13 stitches according to graph, 3 stitches moss stitch), repeat between ( ) 3 times, work 13 stitches according to graph; work 10 stitches in moss stitch.
Rows 16 – 32: follow graphs and knit the moss stitches as they appear.
Next 6 rows: Moss stitch across all stitches.
Repeat the last 38 rows 3 times.
Next 18 rows: Follow graph of the last patches and in between moss stitches.
Next 14 rows: Single moss stitch.
Cast off loosely.


Sew in ends, press throw lightly.

 Heart                                                                                        Circle

Diamond                                                                                   Flower 
Split Diamond 
Arrange designs, following this chart or use only 1 of your favourite design andrepeat it 25 times.
 = knit
P = purl
C = circle
F = flower
D = diamond
SD = split diamond
H = heart