Mega Filet Crochet

Living in and restoring a circa 1880 cottage, I am surrounded by samples of filet crochet, created by ancestors around 1900.


Whilst I love them and would like to add to them in my decorating, I am somewhat hampered by their time-consuming intricacy. I think time moved at a different pace when these pieces were created.
Inspired by them, I included Filet crochet in my design for the bedspread of the 1 bedroom of the cottage.
A soft grey wool blanket will sport a band of Mega Filet crochet and a crochet edge. I used a design for fine mercerized cotton and a 2 mm hook but used a 14 ply yarn and a 5 mm crochet hook, resulting in a quick growing project that adheres to the authenticity of the restoration project.


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