The Ultimate Yarn Stash Reduction Project!

Working on several left-over yarn projects, mentioned in previous posts, had me reflecting on the wonderful qualities of wool and the fact that even if I'd live to 200, it still would not be enough time to knit up all the yarn I've accumulate over the years.
Three separate facts culminated in this light-bulb moment and also might explain why I'm known as The Potty Knitter.
1 - The wonderful insulating and fire-retardant qualities of natural wool.
2 - What to do with countless, tough horticultural sacks, accumulated whilst renovating our little cottage and
3 - The, as yet, unfinished ceiling of the big bathroom in this cottage.

So this is what we did -
We lined the corrugated roof with reflective sisalation -

I unwound countless balls and cones of wool -
Loosely filled the horticultural sacks with this tangle -
The sacks fitted neatly between the rafters as the timber lining boards went up -
Resulting in a finished ceiling with DIY insulation - 
All the while, I had visions of future, guilt-free purchases of inspiring and delicious new yarn but, alas, even this huge project did not use all of my stash and I'm left with the whites.
Some white wool insulation, anyone?