Cheese making adventures!

Anyone that knows me knows that I prefer a gooey piece of cheese with a glass of red to chocolate any day, so it was with delight that I accepted an invitation to a cheese making session by Ami from Otways Fields.
To quote the late Lou Reed, it was 'such a perfect day'!
Ami showed me step by step how to make fresh cottage cheese and Camembert, my favourite.
We ended up having 3 different vats and 2 timers going simultaneously doing their thing, be it curdling, setting or draining, whilst Ami and I 'cut the curd', did a bit of knitting and enjoyed a scrumptious lunch all prepared with produce from her garden with a fresh Sauvignon Blanc.
Separating the curds from the whey.
Filling cheese hoops
Camembert rounds being prepared for aging.........?  
Ami sent me off with a tub of fresh cheese and 2 rounds of Camembert for me to age at home....therein lies the problem - will I be patient enough?
Look out for future workshops on cheese making and super-fresh kitchen garden cooking classes Ami will be offering to day visitors or guests staying in their soon to be completed miner cottage B&B.
Her motto is 'Grow - Eat - Rest', all of which we enjoyed in her slice of paradise today.
You can follow her progress and check out any future workshops and her abundant produce on the Otway Fields website.